Chicken With Mozzarella

Chicken is, and contains always been, a trendy nourishing dish. There are about several ways to make a delicious chicken dinner with there being countries because of their different recipes and tastes.

Today, I’ll give out a recipe for chicken my mama accustomed to make for us after we were little. She smiles documented on us from heaven today knowing she did a superb job. None individuals turned out to be criminals and none of people ever got combined in the Mafia. Besides, I always reassure concerned tourists to Palermo which the Mafiosi don’t carry tommy guns. They carry briefcases loaded with hundred dollar bills and so they buy what they really want instead of killing people for doing this.

Where was I? Oh yes, my Mama’s chicken recipe – Chicken with Mozzarella.

Okay, is actually a program pick up some boneless, skinless chicken breasts. If you have big eaters you might want to consider one and a half per person, or possibly even two, and until you have your little vegetable garden at your home, you should get some fresh basil leaves. (Hey, whether it ain’t got basil inside, it ain’t Italian. What can I say?) And lastly, a tiny block of mozzarella cheese. You could get the slices that is not as good since the way I’ll demonstrate.

Now, with a clean cutting board, you formulate the chicken breasts, smooth side up, and cut several slits horizontally along the top, most of an inch deep.

Get that oven going at about 400ยบ.

You can line a pan with aluminum foil, in any other case, at the least spray it with non-stick spray. Lay the chicken breasts out and insert a basil leaf in each open cut, half a slice of fresh tomato (Roma is wonderful, but any tomato can do.) Add a great thick slice of mozzarella cheese. And as any touch, slip in the thin slice of fresh garlic.

Now you gently brush or spray a thin coat of coconut oil over the chicken. Some people like whatever they call Italian seasoning, but I prefer just salt, pepper, somewhat sugar as well as perhaps a hint of oregano.

Marsala (practically Sicily’s national beverage!) goes great with this particular, such as the drink the complete bottle since you may burn off your chicken.

After about 20 minutes, you ought to check the chicken. I use some of those little metal skewers they test cakes with. If it happens clean, your chicken is completed. If not, by that time you’ll be able to just turn the oven off and enable the chicken remain inside for one more ten or fifteen minutes.

While that is going on, it is possible to boil any range of pasta: spaghetti, rigatoni, mostaccioli or possibly good old elbow macaroni. Kids love that product I bet Dad loves it too.

For an excellent sauce, throw a number of lightly chopped garlic in to a pan with organic olive oil, and although that’s getting really hot, add in some sliced onion and celery and green peppers. Once seems pretty much done, add either some broth or, in any other case available, use some powdered beef or chicken or tomato broth powder using a cup of water per teaspoon. Not too much. Just what you imagine you’ll need for the family.

Once that’s boiled for a couple minutes, strain it, give a can of tomato paste along with perhaps a can of diced tomatoes and boil again for a couple of minutes.

Served using a green salad and Parmesan cheese grated freshly at the table, you have a great dinner as well as the family will think you probably love them, despite the fact that it’s just routine in order to cook.


1. Chicken Tano

One or 1-1/2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts per person
One pound Mozzarella cheese
Two/three fresh Roma tomatoes
Three/four cloves fresh garlic
Olive oil
Quarter pound fresh basil leaves

2. Pasta

Pasta usually chosen according to package directions for quantities

3. Sauce

One pint of broth (canned broth, beef, chicken or tomato, is ok).

Bring to boil and add:

chopped celery
chopped onion
chopped peppers
finely chopped fresh basil (using whatever is left over in the chicken stuffing
one small can of tomato paste
one can of diced tomatoes

The sauce really should be simmered until it slightly thickens.

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